I got your number, written on the back of my hand!

Early 80’s bonus

Up at the crack of dan (i MUST send her home) and showered before i could even think what i was up to today. Of course i had a plan, but that is always something to fall back on if i get bored!! but i knew the sun was going to be fierce today so it was a great excuse to slap the carrots on and go for a walk. Freshly ground coffee (I’m getting better at this as i don’t waste half a pound of beans for a single cup now. The decision was shorts or rolled up cargo pants??? The only trouble is my only pair of shorts are bright pink, and i think i look Gay enough thank you very much without wearing fetching attire that detracts from my face and onto my crotch and arse area!!!

Rolled up cargos (pockets full of shite) a layer of carrot cream on, and i was off. Today i thought i would take a short cut through the Ex Pats area. An hour and a half later, i realised i couldn’t find a friggin path through. I may as well have laid a trail of bread crumbs because i ended up doubling back on myself and taking the more direct route. (Recce taught me bugger all) so i had added a good two hours to my journey, a journey that in reality only takes an hour! Not to worry, i had left in plenty time! As i rounded the last corner to my destination, i saw them just putting the signs up that they were closed….. Running to the door and showing my Passport P1030792the garage wanted this to register the car and get the insurance sorted) the girl recognised me so she let me in to get this sorted. I was going to take few pics of my new wheels, but the bloody thing wasn’t there, I’m hoping it was in some shop somewhere getting serviced and cleaned for tomorrow.

P1030789Now i was a loose end. so a meander through the old town down to the harbour was the only thing to do! Into the marina for an ice cream and a chat to some locals. walking back along the front i decided to catch up on my daily walks, a thing that has been neglected for the last few days. Even though a new set of holiday makers have defended upon the town of Paphs, they all looked the same, only a shade whiter (some of them a lovely shade of Puce) They still looked at me in passing as some sort of idiot who only wheres rolled up green cargo trousers and flip flops with a penchant for staying where they are (yep, i still have those) a quick paddle in the unpredictable Med and i was suitably soaked for my walk to the restaurant for a sea food platter and a mojito, (I’ve missed them) The food hadn’t changed any, either in size of portion or price. I told them that i would mention this (The Seagull)

P1030786Finally my long walk hoe, full of fish and stuff, with crotch full of seaweed again and flip flops wanting to stay at the beach, with the sun beating down like a policeman truncheon on a Croydon Rioter. Steps getting slower an more laborious with every street pounded, i eventually made it int the sanctuary of my bath, full of cold water, for an hour and a half watching dodgy internet music channels. Hopefully after the wheels are here tomorrow, i can get my ass into some sort of work pattern again.

P1030787For you all X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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