Moving on the floor now babe, you’re a bird of paradise.

Name the boat!!

Now as i we up this morning and lead for an hour watching internet TV, a sudden realisation hit me that i still had my friends car.A car that really should have been returned yesterday, but on the premise that i was taking it to the airport last night, i kept it a bit longer!!! but as i lay there, i knew, i just knew it needed fuel, and a good cleaning (as i ad left it at a car park the other night when i went on the cruise, and it got covered in berries and bird shit) the question was where do i get a car wash in Cyprus.

Easy really, the garage where it gets fuel from, when you think about it, this place is rather much like the UK in the 70s, Fuel stations that have people on tap to fill your motor up, and car washes that use real blokes with cloths and soap. so the fuel was €30 (i cocked up as that nearly filled the tank, and i only got it with half a tank) and the car wash cost €7 not a bad deal actually. As the wash was going to be abut 20 minutes i decided to go for a walk around the old town again. bit this time i was looking for a car garage to sell me a motor. If you want something real bad, the last thing you should do is try and make it happen. could i hell find ANYWHERE that sells cars, or even bottles of water for  that matter (it was between 1300 and 1500 though)

With my fruitless walk done (i did manage to top my tan up using my carrot stuff, I’m getting more and more Dickensonfied as the days go on) i made my way back to the car. My inner compass doesn’t work as well as it used to so i found a few shortcuts (more by luck than judgement) the car did look nice i must admit even though the guys only job in that place was to wash cars, he obviously takes pride in his job! my quest to run the excess fuel off began by getting lost up in the old town (a feat which I’m actually getting better at) passing a myriad of car dealers (all of them closed) i became a little disheartened until i assed by one of the first dealers i had seen on my holidays, ad he was open.

Inside was a ‘speshul’ little blue Suzuki Jimny, bless him, he wouldn’t start because the battery was goosed and he looked very unhappy. So i told the guy ‘Nicos’ (they are all called Nicos) to get it sorted for a test drive. returning home to run a little more fuel off, i showered (for the third time today) and made a brew with my new coffee machine, grinding my own beans (not heinz Mel) better than the shite I’ve been drinking (i know that Cypriot coffee is an acquired taste, but even the locals drink it with a glass of water ffs) All done i went back t the garage and got Nicos to get the keys. As i started the car (with a booster, i really hope he changes the battery) i noted the fuel gauge (bugger all) and set off up the road. 

Before i left, i did inform Nicos thats the registration plates were of an invisible sort, in fact it just didn’t have any. He let me know that if anything happens, just ring him and he would sort it!!! As i wasnt sure how much the empty fuel tank held, i bought i would take it for a bit of a drive, and just take a chance. Some retty good hills in Paphos, and the fact that a metallic grinding noise emanated form the rear left pitched alongside the severe stutter at max revs in first lead me to believe i can knock a hell of a wedge off the price.When i arrived back to the garage (much to the relief of myself (and the salesman as i had taken the car with NO form of ID whatsoever)) i tried to ark it where i had taken it from, well, i stalled it and it just wouldn’t start again (more cash off) so i abandoned it and went inside to talk cash.

Twenty minutes later, with €700 off the price, 18 months warranty, two years free servicing, tax, MOT (or the equivalent) and Insurance, i was happy. just collect it wednesday with my passport and address and i have a new car (of course i will demand a full tank of fuel too)  So now i have my own wheels, i have everything. I can’t find any reason NOT to stay here and work with my mates. 

For yoP1030772u all! X


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