You will always find him in the kitchen at parties!

Bonus round! Name of song and artist!

Today saw the end of a four day tourist adventure. With Water parks, Med swimming, and Ocean Wave party boats it has been a bit of a shock to the system. I really haven’t drank so much since my last Mess Do, (Steph, if you’re reading this i need the bank details again my darling) my liver has now decided to pass liquids which haven’t got a proof reading and my vision is back to whatever it was before hand. 

If my writing seems to waver through this blog, i will bale the Josticks i have bought today, they are Cannabis!! now i hope that they don’t contain any of the drug, but i don’t now… they smell nice though, and I’m really hungry now!  As i ventured into my local pub this afternoon (after purchasing said smelly sticks) i was treat to a vision i can only describe as a mixture between Donald Sutherland in Kellys heroes and a tabby cat. A Russian/ Scot rode up on his lovely black Harley (everyone has one around here) and parked himself at a table full with Brits. He asked for a cigarette straight away, (which meant he was skint) and ordered a drink or two (now this tabby RussScot looked three sheets to the wind anyway so any more alcohol was a waste) had a conversation with the lads (they tok the piss but he didn’t click on) then promptly left without paying (good drills i thought) 

With the Black Widows drinking away, i left for an old mans  half hour. The road to the airport was all new to me, never having driven it before, so i as a little apprehensive, but then again, it wasn’t my flight, so i just smiled and drove how i wanted! eventually i started to notice some features of the landscape and took my phone off speed dial for a taxi. As i left my wary traveller i thought of the devastation i had to sort out at my place and washing left to do. oh well, it will give me something to do in the morning!!! 

A drink at Pambis and a quick chat with my mates and all was back to the status quo. I’m at work through the week with more coming up in the next few weeks to keep me occupied. I love this place, when the work isn’t there, a day at the beach will do, if the work finishes early, a trip to the beach. in fact the beach may just be the perfect place to spend my down time (as soon as i get the Jeep that is)

For you All XP1030758P1030698P1030701

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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