Master Bates and roger the Cabin Boy

A walk around the Old Town was required today, i seriously needed a new top for the boat trip tonight. I know there are many many shops that feel designer (and some even real) designer clobber, unfortunately very designer must have been out on a break or something today as none of the shops had anything i would describe as ‘descent’ for less than €100. Now as I’m a frugal man at heart, my pockets lengthened exponentially with every shop i encountered. so it was a trip back to the marina an Debenhams, unfortunately again, there seemed to be no shirts for less than €100 that were any good. 

After the purchase of €13 t shirt (completely different style and colour to what i had originally intended, it was time for a spot to eat before an old mans half hour shower and dressed for the trip. Steak sandwiches are beautiful here with added piccalilli and a coke, (I’m driving) with that polished off, it was time to hit the oven again and drive home.

I love an old mans half hour (in the air con) a shower and changed into my dancing clobber and i was ready for the off. Driving down to the marina, i couldn’t remember what time the boat said, so a little panic crept into my otherwise uncluttered night. thankfully it was after six, so i had plenty of time. dropping the car off in the big car park, (i really hope its there tomorrow) i made my way to the moorings. the captain? was waiting dockside to greet the passengers and the find sum of lolly was deposited. 

Off with the shoes (looking like a bring and buy sale of all the horrible shoes on the island) the boat just sat for about twenty minutes waiting for the rest of the passengers. a couple of glasses of “Champagne’ later and the engines roared into life. The boat bobbed a bit, and i felt a little worse for wear! but as the boat moved off, i became more ship shape and bristol fashioned. my sea legs grew back and i actually didn’t mind a thing about the upping and downing!. More alcohol was produced, ‘Gin and Orange’ “sex on the beach” ‘whatever the barman wanted’ were the favourite tipples. meeting a load of londoners rounded the evening into a friendlier atmosphere and we got on like a General Belgrano on fire. the food was quite tasty and plentiful with a wide variety of choice to throw back overboard for the fishes and sea gulls. and the different drinks were colourful to say the least.

Fireworks, Dancing, Cabaret and more drinks lead into a wonderful night, nay to be Kiboshed by them up anchoring an heading back to the harbour. getting off the boat and out of the marina was a little more awkward than first thought as the drunk i was with couldn’t quite go in a straight line and retired the toilet as soon as possible. The taxi was halted before it started too as the same person had forgot they weren’t in the UK. so a lengthy bus-ride ensued with a very close bus puking to boot. 

For you all xIMG 0120IMG 0121IMG 0129IMG 0128

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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