In the midnight hour

This one was going to be called DJ’s and PJ’s, but since I’m on a Billy Idol roll, i thought it more appropriate. Cyprus seems to have become infracted by the pajarma gang!, you know the ones, they go to Aldi’s or Netto’s  for their weekly shop with a fag hanging out their mouth and a pay as you go blackberry lookalike, tapping away even thought they have no credit, Its obviously a British disease as this girl in front of me has a Northern accent (sorry people of the north, but we’ve ALL seen them wherever we live), what makes it all the more delicious, is that the guy with her his sporting a mullet and the 18 month child in the pram has studs in both ears (its a boy)

Today has been full of bikinis and speedos (some people should look long n the mirror before coming out the room) I have nothing against the differing sizes and shapes (we are all different) but when you get the suntan lotion not quite rubbed in and big white patches where you really don’t want big white patches. Its even better with the older generation with their socks on, I’m sure it used to be a German trait, but it seems to be spreading, i know flip flops are a bit annoying at times, but when you put the socks on (no matter what colour) and jam your toes into the plastic V, it must hurt!!

Scoping what there is to do across here for the travelling visitor (i have them) i have found ahead loads. If your into water sports (Mel, stop it before you start), SCUBA diving, party boats, speed boats, jet skis, Fireworks the lot there is a plethora, if you don’t like the water, you’re screwed, i suppose there is the Jeep Safari and the Truffle hunting (truffle hunting, i thought dogs or pigs did that) Also helicopter tours and bus tours all over the place. Pathos is a wonderful place full of diversity and genuinely nice people. anyone who has been here will say the same I’m sure.

Apart from the HUGE electrical storm last night, its been a pretty normal day for the island, damn hot, hot and sticky. I lathered myself up this morning with oil, then went to the bathroom for a rub down (Mel…..NO) then off for my daly walk along the front  Its turned into a ritual now, i walk around 4Km  have a pledge, then walk back to the ice cream place then another few Km. I get tanned and fit!

As i sit here now, fireworks are kicking off from one of the nighttime cruise things, i think i may be partaking in one of those soon, anyway Im off to get out of the heat and into my air con again.

For Skye! XP1030669P1030670P1030671P1030674P1030646

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

4 thoughts on “In the midnight hour

  1. Hahahaha!
    I love all of this one but my favourite has to be the watersports bit lol
    Ps the fireworks on the nighttime cruise sounds inviting, I’m slightly jealous x


    1. You’re right Gwen, but they were done by myself when I could walk and talk at 18 years, not 18 months. I fear you may be defending the cultural disease of the Jezza K society, if that is so, then please remember to do your nightgown up properly on those cold night visits to Nettos.


    2. You’re right Gwen, except I did mine myself at 18 years, not 18 months! I fear you may be defending the ‘Jezza K’ society, if that is so, then don’t forget to do your dressing gown up properly on those cold winter trips to Netto!


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