I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

I know that sometimes my titles and pics AND blog don’t really match or even relate to each other, but the only way to describe that fact is that throughout the day, different things spring to light, a sight, a sound anything can fall into a category, and that category will relate to something throughout the entire blog! (if thats confusing, well I’m sorry, you should try understanding it from MY angle)

Today started with me opening my blinds to find my balcony/ patio drenched and my table and chairs unusually clean. Now that may seem a little strange in anyones book, but across here its a mystery even scooby couldn’t sort. As the day went on and i started to meet people, i built up a mental picture of the occurrences that must have happened through the night. It wasn’t too difficult really, it just rained. and i missed it, but the pendulous clouds that hung heavy over the mountains were a give away if i was to honest!

I decided to give myself a late start today so i left it until 0900 to get my ass to work, after a healthy helping of bran flakes (which incidentally make my poo less rosy) and a cup of coffee, i watered my neighbours plant and walked, passing a couple of stray dogs on the way, i meandered over the road t get out of their way. (i don’t know what the rabies situation is across here and I’m taking NO chances) The bloke who was holidaying with his family let me into the garage so i could get all the materials i needed to finish the job. Now painting here can be dependent on two factors, If its too hot, the paint goes sticky and crappy and you have to stop work, if it rains the paint gets watery and you have to stop work. Now the clouds were telling me that the day could be scraped, but thats not the way i roll! ‘Crack on” !!

I like painting (time to skip ahead if you’re bored) it gives you plenty of time to think or listen to tunes, i personally like to listen to my 80’s crap, as it helps me ignore anyone and anything. i just get on with the job. which went fantastic, even though i say it myself. Unfortunately, i could here the crappy cartoon network shite that the kids were listening to, and that made me turn up my tunes even louder (at the moment, my hearing still isn’t 100% but the ringing is getting further away) House finished by 1200  (just as the sun was rounding the corner) it was time to get the folks to check it then leave. As i knew it would be, everything was fine. time to hit the sips for a washing machine.

My mate Caz took me to a couple of venues (auction houses) to see what was available and if my dad was here, he would have spent all day in them. Then onto a shop called ” Nope, i can’t remember, and thats not the name of the shop, i just can’t remember”. One in the shop, and it had my name all over it, so i got the guys to deliver and i would pay when it was installed. He agreed (what a balloon) i knew it was going to be a pig to put in, but he said he would. Eventually they tipped up and straight away noticed the problem. No hole for ANY pipework and NO hole for electricity (and no obvious plug hole) I chortled,.

Now as installation technicians go, you would expect them to have the right tools, fully charged and properly maintained. Well the drill they brought with them had about 60 seconds of life in it, at the the hole cutter may as well have been made of wood. A five minute job lasted 35 minutes with a lot of swearing and the borrowing of other peoples tools. Eventually all was sorted so i thought i would put a wash on. Now i know that new modern washing machines use try little water, but this one seemed to be VERY frugal on the council juice! in fact my washing was spinning around in its washing powder and not a lot else. i found the main tap and checked it out. nope, no water. I sat there for a moment contemplating the pointlessness of throwing the machine over the balcony, so i rang Nicos, my friendly Cypriot go getter.

He told me to turn on the water, i laughed, he told me turn on the mains water, i cried, he told me to put a beer in the fridge, i went to the shop. About 15 minutes later, he turned up with what i can only describe a a russian shot putter who’s legs had been sawn off at the knees. After surveying the devastation under the sink he turned off the mains water and changed the tap. had a beer and left. Sorted. Nicos made sure i knew HE was going to ay him. i didn’t care, i was fully independent again.

Two washes done, my dryer full (again) and off for a bite to eat at Pambis. I’m now back in the comfort of my lovely residence (outside on the balcony with a coffee) and I’m looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow.,,,,,,AGAIN!

For sSkye! XP1030655



Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

One thought on “I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

  1. “now I know that new washing machines use very little water, but this one seemed very frugal on the council juice! Infact my washing was spinning around in it’s wash powder and not a lot else!”

    Bit more excitement tomorrow please, even if you have to make it up 😉 lol x


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