Eyes without a face!

Monday, what was the point of today?, i mean, it was possibly the laziest day I’ve had in a fair while!! After waking up and watching a load of dross on UK TV, (i know remember why i didn’t get out of bed until midday when i was back home) as we are a couple of hours in front, the programmes are something you would never normally watch when you get up in the UK, unless you’re on stag, or a burglar. some of the presenters are ideal for that time in the morning as they certainly wouldn’t be allowed to be on air when decent folk arise!!!

I fancied a hair cut today, so i wondered around the old town up in the hills, as when i was on holiday i noted the location of a couple of possibilities. The first one was closed, that never occurred to me that a barber (ok, hairdresser) would have to have a siesta!!!! The second one looked at me like i was an alien, I only asked if i needed an appointment, with a look of docility, (you know the one) i realised that i was NEVER going to get the cut i wanted. I couldn’t be bothered to try and explain where she had gone wrong, or hit her when she started doing what she wanted. o the last one was it, as i walked in, the air conditioning hit me like a fist, it was gorgeous!! I asked if i needed an appointment, and the cutter went straight to the man behind the desk, “Bugger!” i thought again. but the woman said it was ok, just take a seat she would do me know (Fnarr, Fnarr!) 

As she sat me down, i realised in my daftness, i had mistaken her accent for some sort of foreign waffle, as it happens, she was a bloody Geordie!!!! Happy days, i would get exactly what i wanted (hair cut wise) unless she was absolute dog toffee!! which she wasn’t. no clippers, just scissor work and a coffee with lots of flirting and sideway smiles!! all for the princely sum of €12. not bad!! now i look handsome again, i can hold my head up high and remove the balaclava as it was getting a little too hot anyway!!

Bingo tonight and that was a waste of bloody time. Not even a sniff of a win, so i got myself a Zinger burger and went home.. just turned on the telly and I’ve seen a pelican eating a pigeon in Hyde Park!!! thats a sign of me to bugger off and do something else.

For Skye! XP1030640P1030642P1030643P1030644P1030645

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