In the Wonderland Zoo

With the Humidity rising, and barometer getting low, according to our sources, it fecking scandalous weather out here, honestly, I’m sitting here outside, drenched in sweat (and all I’ve done is gotten me Mac out) just looked at next doors thermometer and its STILL 29 degrees. Anyway, enough of the gloating!!!! Started work this morning at 0800, painting another house but this time, i was all on me lonesome.and do you know what, i really enjoyed it, went at my own pace (fast and steady) did a cracking job and knocked myself off at twelve o’clock (only because the sun caught me and decided to shine itself directly onto my face), i must admit it did help with the drying of the paint so it got a second coat!!!

luckily, Jay stopped by and could see what i had been doing and got that warm fuzzy feeling, you know the one where you just know that something is right (or is that only soldiers that get that) anyway, I’m pleased he did that as now he knows i am as good as my word. To be honest, i think a few people who read this already know that, but its nice when someone else takes notice. The only trouble is, that when some of my old OC’s asked for something to be done, i would tell them in all honesty ‘No’, now some of the Tiffys I’ve worked for, even the sergeants, (when i was a corporal) would always tell the boss what they thought they wanted to hear, so most of them were ‘yes’ men, i however, wasn’t! admittedly i would get it in the neck from my tiffs/ sergeant, but i didn’t mind, it always stopped the guys getting messed about for no reason, i i like to think I’ve brought this attitude into my civilian life too. ill call a spade a spade (NO thats NOT racist!!) 

So, i brought myself to a natural pause in the proceedings and packed the stuff away ready to start again tomorrow, and get the place finished. It just so happened that i went into my local for a spot of lunch and a read of the paper, whilst guzzling on THREE pints of iced coke!!! (IT WAS HOT TODAY) a couple of showers later and some TV (James Bond, Thunderball) and i was ready to greet the world again, although a couple of hours in me pants did occur (I’m not getting embarrassed even when I’m sat on my balcony and the family next door peer over while I’m scratching myself in that special place that men scratch when they are bored) 

Only a coupe of pics of the job I’m on today, maybe ill throw a couple of colourful ones in just for jolly!

For Skye! XP1030596P1030601P1030598P1030602P1030604P1030605P1030214

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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