Im Brian, and so is my wife!

I kid you not, when i walked past my next door neighbours door this morning, i glanced at the thermometer that hangs on the frame…..45 Frikkin degrees Centigrade/ Celsius or whatever it is these days. I really wished i had a pic of it now, just to prove I’m not lying, but i haven’t, so i could be, but I’m not!! As i melted down the road to my friends house (burdened with my washing that i was going to slip into his washer without him noticing)  realised that i wasn’t acclimatised anymore! i mean three weeks should be enough time, but the temperature has shot up from what it was a couple of days ago, and I’ve got to get used to it all over again.

A brew at Jays place and everything was in order for a mornings work (well, not work really, just helping a mate out (I’m a nice guy like that)) He gave me a small tub of stain and a sponge! I wasn’t expecting a sponge, but by Crikey it worked a treat for the job in hand. Twenty eight bits of timber needed staining so they can be cut up and used on jobs in the very near future, and as Jay has already stated lots of times,,, “I really hate painting” wood work and carpentry are fine, but it would be even better if the wood came pre stained. i suppose.  I had no dramas with this task, as again, it isn’t going to send anyone to their deaths or make a profound difference to the poorest people n the world and it was just blind repetitive time thinking about other things! 

With the thought that it might be a bloody hot day, i had readied myself with a sheen of suntan cream, (enough to last me and hour ON the sun) so the burn arse wasn’t going to happen today. I must admit I’ve never sweated on the job so much since the last time me and my ex wife went for it!! (sorry if you’re reading this Lisa), but the sweat was dripping off me into the bleeding stain, i really thought i was going to be pissing concentrated orange juice this evening, but Jay came out with the goods and the bottled water flowed! Job done, wood stowed, it was time for a trip along the harbour to look at boats!

A walk along the font introduced me to a couple of new faces (its all coming together nicely) and we eventually had to stop for another cold drink! Wally’s place (I can’t remember the name) was a place to sit and people watch, as we did that, i noticed his wall full of pictures of the famous stars of the seventies, all with Wally. Mike Yarwood, The two Ronnies, The Nolan sisters, Tom Conti, to name but a few. Apparently Wally was a Bodyguard to them all back in the day, and for an old bloke, he still looks like he can give someone a good old slap, In to the Rose pub for another cold one, then a walk home with a promise of going shipping later on.

Shopping done (Umbrella and weighted stand) oh and a washing basket (I’m such a rockstar) and that was me sorted until the rest of my Dr Who series had been downloaded. Two more showers and the final episode and that was me off to my local for a chat and a cold coke! (Frick, i never paid for it, I’m going back right now to do that!!!!!)

For Skye! XP1030589P1030590P1030591P1030592P1030594P1030595

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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