Rip it up and start again

Get out of bed today! Really? Did i have too? No, so guess what, i got up and cleaned, i mean thats twice in a month nearly i have done that domestic thingy! Although i am getting quite used to having a tidy apartment, Cleaning all the fluff up (Where the hell does that come from anyway?) my belly button isn’t that big, so i know it DOESNT come from there. Apparently it was hot today aswell, i can’t really confirm that as the sun shades were down on my patio but the doors were open, hoping for the merest of breezes to waft in and take the cloyness (is that a real word?) out of the air.

As i sat in my clean place, in me pants, sweating like a jew in pig farm, i thought about the people i love back home, and how they just wernt doing what i was doing, sitting in their pants with the sun shades down (although i think a few of my ex work colleagues might be doing just that) i flicked on the tele box and connected my iPad via the Apple TV malarkey and started watching ‘Bargain homes for rent or sell or stuff’ whatever it was, i then realised that i didn’t really want to miss this sort of drivel anymore, so i tried a few other channels and found an old series of ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ I never used to watch this when it was on in the first place, but the mood took me and i settled in for an hour of TV torture (or so i  thought) it was actually not that bad, i now know why a lot of Ex Pats watch crappy TV in the first place, its because there are NO subtitles!

That was basically my day until a text from my friends informed me that they would be a the local for something to eat later in the evening. that was tea sorted (mind you, i did cook a Frey Bentos steak and kidney pie earlier on. I really should have looked at my cutlery draw sooner, as the only thing i had that would open the tin was from a ration pack. Well it looked like it anyway, and it took me a full 5 Mins to get into the bloody tin!!! i know thats not really a long time, but when you can’t be arsed and you just knew that the opportunity to buy a proper tin owner has presented itself to you many many times in the last week or two, you just want to cry!!!) Setting the cooker away was a mare too. i forgot that after you switched the bloody thing onto oven at the hob, moved the timer to where you want it and put it onto the right temperature, you MUST switch it on at the wall!!!! took friggin ages to cook that pie!!

So dinner was at Pambis, and a silly old bugger complained that he had lost his phone, only to realise that when my friend rang the number to see if we could hear it in the bar, this blokes wife answered it as he had left it in his kitchen (alcohol and sun don’t mix) Meeting a few new faces in the eatery makes it all worthwhile, a few gripes and a few laughs rounded the night off with a smile.Cyprus grows!!

For Skye! XP1030587ImageIMG 0005P1030469

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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