Laughter and Hope, and a Sock in the eye!

You know i said yesterday was hot, well today didn’t fare like winter either, at 0900 this morning it was 36 degrees centigrade. and it got hotter. Apparently its going to hit 40 this weekend, i will melt! Breakfast then off to work this morning and i was there bang on 0800. i was a little surprised as i didn’t really have a clue where i was going, i just wandered up the road and tried to remember where i had been driven too. As luck would have it, i stumbled into the correct street and busied myself getting the kit ready for the painting. 

As the sun came closer, and the paint went on quicker, i didn’t realise that my T shirt had ridden itself up exposing the top of my arse. This was only known to me when i returned home and had a shower!!! The painting went a little array after first coat was finished, the second tub of paint was opened and it was realised that the first tub HADNT been stirred properly, so the colour was all at the bottom. (next time, ill do it myself) so a full second coat was required, thats three times I’ve painted that bloody place.

Anyway job done, i showered and got down to watching some English TV via my Apple TV and streaming from my iPad, everything is networked and working perfectly. Car and washing machine will sort me out good and proper now. short and sweet tonight as I’m sitting here in me pants waiting for the Mixed Kebab to go down (i feel fat). Bought from Bar street after a flutter on the bingo cards (i won a couple of times again, so the night cost me nothing really)

Its hot, Im full and i need the toilet. as i said, short one tonight, but there will be lots to rant about tomorrow I’m sure.

For Skye! XP1030580P1030581P1030582P1030583P1030584P1030585

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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