A shave and a hair cut! Two bits!!!

Today (like many others) was hot, now when i usually say hot, i mean hot enough to flash fry a wilder beast (look back through these blogs and you will find that sentence) but today, oh my!, today, The sun has obviously been knocked out of its orbit, and been hung by a string over Cyprus!! i let my arm dangle out the window of a moving car and within 40 seconds at 30 MPH i had to drag it in and cover it up, IT WAS HOT!! (I do hope I’m not winding anyone in drizzly old Britain up when i say that) 

My first job of the day was to investigate whether the turbo charger was working properly or not on me mates Warrior (No not a APV) but the tests were inconclusive, now the black smoke had definitely gone and the leak had stopped (in my old job i would say all the oil had run out, thats why the leak has stopped) but there seems to be lubrication a plenty. So lets look at the intake pipes from the air box (thats a job for another day) but I’ve bought myself an extendable inspection mirror, so thats a start i suppose!!  That was us off on a trip around the ULU for an admin day, i enjoyed it and got to meet the tattooist, (I went back later for a bespoke design and made him work) and found a lovely computer shop, now i have an Apple TV thingy that streams 1080HD. Sorted!!

I pretty much spent the rest of the day wondering around in the heat trying to look cool, but when you look like you are dying of thirst and knackered from walking in the heat, its never a pretty sight. So eventually got home and showered(Just to get some liquids in me) and set the new toy up! Dr Who in HD has never looked so good!! A meeting at Pambis later on filled me with great news (more on that to follow) and it seems I’m working again on the project that was closed down the other day due to the wrong paint (hey ho) its all money in the bank for me! 

Cyprus is goring on me, i seem to have made the right connections by just being me! ( and of course, i wouldn’t be anyone else right now)

Don’t dream it, Be it!P1030574

P1030575For Skye! XP1030576P1030577P1030578P1030579

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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