High Tides and Corpse Brides

I walked along my old haunt this morning, well when i say this morning, i mean mid morning, around midday actually, but its still morning in my world. Now my path normally takes me around the hotel breeding grounds of the bedecked foreigner basking in the sun, all sun lubed and sweaty, some of them lobster like, some of them looking like they died two weeks ago and just get dusted off every now and then.(I really thought i was looking at a dead woman, honestly i stood and watched for the movement of respiration, it was shallow, and faint, but she had it (anyway her husband was baking next to her so sod it )). 

Before my day began proper, the bloody infallible Cypriot workmen showed up at my door again at 0800 prompt so they could check my telephone connections for the internet. (honestly, when will these guys get into the European swing of things and turn up late???) within 10 minutes, they had twiddled on and fettled bits of wire and said that i should give it and hour or so, and the broadband would be sorted. I gave it 5 mins after they left and tried it……I was alive!! i was connected to the world again. Try it, disconnect your internet and see how long it lasts. checking the download speed i was a little disappointed so i left the house to find the CYTA shop and give them a piece of my mind. I was informed by the owner of the ROSE pub, that it would be easier and quicker if i rang them. 

Ice cream sorted, my daily walk along the front sorted, my look at the burners sorted, and some shopping sorted, i made the ever increasingly time consuming walk home. Of course, i sit here using an up to the minute (packed with Tech) Mac book Air (its beautiful, its easy to use, its powerful enough for anything i want, and its a pain in the friggin arse as it flaunts all the simple procedures linked with normal laptops.) about two hours looking and hunting for anything to help me find how slow i was connected was enough for me, i borrowed the old boys laptop next door and checked, Damn i hate it when I’m write, i was only getting a 1 meg download wottsit, when i should be getting 3, (to some that may be total bollocks,) but when i want to download some Dr Who (not porn) i would like to watch it before the next series comes out!!!, a phone call or three later and the signal was boosted higher than George Michael on a night out in London.

So now I’m a happy bunny, i have Tinterweb, i have plenty work for the next couple of weeks, i have trodden on a cockroach in my bare feet (apparently that makes me an islander) and i have the sun and some good friends! what more could a girl want?

For Skye! XP1030567P1030568P1030569P1030571P1030573

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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