A Rant? Me? Never!

Its a bit of an unusual one this, as I’ve not done a thing all day apart from win bingo (€25 (not bad)) I thought i would share a few thoughts on the population of Locals/ Holiday makers and the general population!

Sitting in the darkness that is a closed Pambis Cafe (my local) i am within earshot of locals (ex pats) talking about football. I mean its the same all over the world isn’t it,  Apparently someone should be put out to grass because they are business men and don’t need anything but results!!! I have NO idea what team they are on about, or who this person is, but it all sounds very animated! although to look at the guys discussing this, you wouldn’t think they could string a coherent sentence tighter without hitting each other with chairs and flick knives!

Now the holiday makers. I was one, I AM one to be honest, i love a holiday, i love travelling to other countries and enjoying the differing cultures and lives that i walk amongst. The last time i was on holiday was six weeks ago with my daughter Skye in Florida. now i know the sun is a bit of a bugger where sunburn and blondes are concerned so i took the factor 50 for both myself and my daughter, and lathered it on to excess, needless to say we didn’t burn, and even here, in mid the mid thirties, i have plastered myself with the factor 15, then 10 and eventually 6 (still carrying the 10 for emergency re application) but as seen on the seafront in the last couple of days (since the new batch arrived from wet old UK) Lobsters walk amongst us (or burners) as they are collectively known. Its been seen along the front that when a young girl (Jezza K reject ) want to try and attract a mate, the suncream gets ditched for chip fat, now obviously most of the council estate dole wallers eat the chips before hand, but as they try to look good (i hunk i may have mentioned the benefit face lift before) with scarlet chests and shoulders, not forgetting the backs of the legs (honestly, just look the next time you are on your second week abroad, and the plane lands with newbies) It ay sound like I’m knocking the working class council estate dwellers, but I’m not really, because i am one of them. i come from the rough end of the trench and have never professed to being anything other than what i am. but thats why i can see the stupidity of the burners! there IS NO NEED especially when you push a kid around in the same state as yourself. Red, Blotchy and Burnt!!!! STOP IT!

Driving, OMG. i have brushed on this before but the sights i have witnessed beggars belief! three on a scooter, riding on pavements, driving the wrong way down a duel carriage way, ignoring traffic lights/ zebra crossings, policemen, texting, phoning , drinking eating, looking the wrong way when driving, All of these have been witnessed by me in the last week (THE LAST WEEK) it happens on a regular basis, i would venture every friggin day actually, at least every minute. and no one teas a blind bit of notice. if you get stopped for drinking driving with a British licence you get a €40 fine, if you get stopped for fucking up its a €40 fine, they just can’t take your British licence, and they can’t give you points. but I’m sure that if you are a local, with a Cypriot name and licence, they just tell you to drive more careful and send you on your merry!!!!!

I need to stop ranting now (at this point i would add some pics but i have NONE), its been a pretty lazy day today, but I’m working tomorrow so things will get better i promise. AND I’m off to look at a boat in the harbour that is for sale, its HUGE and could be a good investment for a few people! (oh the sound of some local peasant pissing up the side of the cafe has just greeted my ears) charming!

For Skye! X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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