Arse cracks and Sweaty Racks!

My apartment seems to have a time machine in its bedroom, I’m sure as i turned in last night someone hit me with a BIG STICK and just woke up when the sun was way past the yard arm and streaming into my bedroom in a determined effort to melt the skin from my bones. After two showers and a cup of coffee, i set off for town on one of my more energetic walks! looking for electrical shops and launderettes my quest was to be thwarted at the first hurdle. I was pointed in the direction of the launderette but, but couldn’t find it, but i found an electrical sip, but that was closed

My disappointment worsened as i realised that i needed a third shower within an hour of my wanderings starting. It was hot! My legs ached, and my brain was so dehydrated it was trying to escaped out of my ears. A pint of coke with ice followed quickly by a pint of water with more ice sort of done the trick, so i meandered around again. i passed by many small kiosks that were still open (despite the siesta time) and gorked at the prices they were stating for some proper dodgy stuff, i mean €200 for a Free view box, erm! €180 for a nokia 3310 (and it didn’t even have ‘snakes’). as i pulled myself together and regrouped i spied a corner shop with seats outside and lots of locals eating their dinners there.

Wondering into the shop/ Cafe/ Eatery, i noticed there just wasn’t any price list, or menu for that matter. i saw the proprietor arranging one meal and just looked formlessly at him and pointed at the plate. He got the message and in his best Cypriot, told me to sit down. Sitting on the high chairs outside (I’m determined to look local) i was handed what looked like a half a hollowed out loaf lined with some sort of cream, a few greens, onions and tomatoes, filled with cuts of meat and topped off with a handful of chips. looking at it, i really thought i wouldn’t be able to handle it, but within 20 minutes it was done. The bread was some sort of fried, yorkshire puddingy type thing and i don’t know what the meat was, but it was the most gorgeous kebaby thing i have ever eaten (eclipsing the one i had from Bar Street, even the wrap i devoured in Soho) when i find the shop again, its pic will go up on here as a thanks for the memory.

My quest then took me along some quiet roads and dodgy paths as i got my self lost in the old part of town only to re emerge like a new born baby popping out of a turn in just at the church of Saint Jason of whats its face! I was taken to the local internet place to get my installation confirmed, (a promise of thursday, but i won’t hold my breathe) then to another shop for a free view box, (which i subsequently find i don’t bloody need as the new tele i bought has a build in free view system) Any road up, safe to say that I’m settling in very nice thank you, and the work starts properly tomorrow evening with a bit of guttering. 

I apologise for the lack of post yesterday as the internet was playing up and nothing was happening on this airwave!  I hope you all had a fab Jubilee and have poorly heads for the next day or two (ill stay sober from no for a while)

For Skye! XP1030526P1030411P1030530

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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