Cultural day today (just hang in there)

Lets start by telling you I’m a little squiffy eyed at the moment, i didnt intend to be, but its a Monday and I’ve just been to the ‘Pit Stop’ for a night of Bingo and Jack!

Walking along my usual route to the seafront, passing a dodgy electronics store on the corner who’s wears were all falsely advertised as real!!!! i found the need for a set of ear buds for my iPhone, as the supposedly good ones from America died yesterday after only four weeks (i hate the Yanks), walking into the shop, i found my inner Cypriot and started to explain in my best (and loudest ) pigeon greek that i needed ‘Speakers for the insides of my ears’, now in normal everyday stupidity, that sounds normal, but when you are trying to explain it to someone who looks and talks like ‘Manuel’ you seem to put more emphasis on the fact that you haven’t really got a clue what the hell you are o about!!!

Anyway, afar ten minutes trying to decipher what each of us was saying, i gave up and told the fella that i would one back later with my old ‘inner ear speakers’, i didn’t, but you have to humour them don’t you.

i had decided before hand that i wanted a full English breakfast today, and the very bar i was walking towards sells probably the set in Paphos. agin the Rose bar did the George Cross proud. Caz (not Cat as i called her yesterday) made a breakfast to satiate ANY appetite, the full monty filled the hole left by not eating for a few hours and i knew,i just knew it had to be walked off.

so in a change to my normal routine, i decided to venture the opposite way to my normal direction, so off to the right i wandered. By Christ it was a long wander, i would say at least 5Km, but as i still work in pounds and ounces i wouldn’t know! What did strike me was the fact that at Coral beach there was sand, real sand, and parasols and beach bed things ad people. now I’m not having a go, but at one point it rained (well needed) and with this small flurry, the entire population of the beach upped sticks and got under they’re towels and beach umbrellas. They were in firkin bikinis and speedos for crying out loud!!!!! but they still managed to evacuate the beach quicker than the Normandy landings and when the rain stopped they all scuttled back on and resumed the position under the brollies!!!

A few Mojitos later at the Seagull (with complimentary nuts for the drunk) and i was suitably ready for the evening. Obviously an old mans half hour ensued before i dressed for the occasion. 

The ‘Pit Stop’ is a predominantly English (well British if you want to be pedantic) place who’s aim is to bring a little of the UK to the ex pats. BINGO, and why not? its a gas that everyone can get frustrated at, but sometimes the outsider wins (it was my turn last week and i really thought i had a chance of repeating that feat) 

Sitting with Jase and Caz (not Cat) i started on the Jack again, then out of nowhere  appeared old Alan and his wife (I’m sure i know her name), his brother and his wife (i know i don’t know they’re names) and the games commenced. needless to say i didn’t win and its a stupid game!!!

Not forgetting my trip to the catacombs (which i nearly did actually) otherwise i should really slot this paragraph in at the start. They really are something else, carved out of the rocks they must have taken an wage to manufacture, rooms within rooms, staircases, shrines, temples, its all there open ti the public for no charge at all. one of the things that bug me is the fact that some places will charge you for looking at a hole in the ground, this is completely free and feel worth a look.

ill stop there as this one seems to be going on longer than an Oscar award speech by Hale Berry. ill see what happens tomorrow and keep you informed. 

For Skye XP1030373P1030376P1030392P1030397P1030416    

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

One thought on “Cultural day today (just hang in there)

  1. brilliant Adam got it right this time!! ( not Andy) :)) pictures are fantastic, appears you are having an amazing adventure, enjoy and keep safe xx


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