Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Well thats my first week over and out but i still haven’t managed to burn myself (now thats only got to  be good for me), my tan is coming along Segar Segar, and I’m only too happy to let it continue in that vain. My daily 3Km walk to the beach and subsequent 5Km walk along the front and back are keeping the fat at bay. Mind you, i am eating a lot more healthy. Mostly fish, so i stink like a friggin cat (but i still can’t lick my own arse) 

The steady stream of jets out of here make me look into the skies and thank Christ I’m staying (the thought of another 5 hour flight breathing northern farts doesn’t impress me much) but on the flip side, the steady stream of jets coming in just add to the lighter skin tone of the area, thus making me feel less embarrassed by my elongated approach to a decent suntan. i do laugh at the guys (mainly girls) who lobster themselves within 12 hours of landing. Thats a thing i never actually did myself at anytime on any holiday, so i can’t get that around my head!

Well now it seems i have ingratiated myself in with the local cafe/bar so as i can type away at night with a couple of Jacks and cokes, enjoying the lively atmosphere and hospitality of the buxom hostess (pic will be posted with this) to be honest, I’m finding the people here really friendly, helpful and generally likeable all rounders. i wish i could be arced to look at the wall and find the name of the place, but I’m too comfortable sitting here with me feet up.

It also seems that ever since i left the UK its been bloody red hot. typical, i could have bought me bike and had a couple of weeks play before i flew off, not to worry, I’m here now and thats what matters, its all going good and i think i have made the right decision, my thanks go to Jason and Cat for giving me the kick i needed to do this move. Anyway, I’m off of catch up with my emails and friends from another country. Much more to follow.


For Skye! XP1030361


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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