My first night at the front

I decided throughout the day that i would wander down to the sea front when its dark, just to see what the place looks like. I’ve walked past the chinese trees a few times now, and what i thought were blossom, was in fact cunningly disguised lights. 

Well they lived up to my expectations. they looked pretty cool. I’m not one for decorative comments, but hey, its Cyprus.

Before i get to engrossed in the illuminations, my trip into town started pretty much the same as all the others now. A blissfully uneventful walk through some strange areas until i unsurprisingly came upon the bus station. i say unsurprising, but actually i still can’t gauge how close i am until i actually bump into it.

now for my rant!.. Santander have a nasty habit of blocking my cards then ringing me to tell me they have stopped them because they have been used abroad (not bad, as they are looking after my money) the trouble is that they take a few hours to get up and running again!!! not good when you NEED the money there and then. well today i took the initiative and rang them first, i wish i hadn’t, young Stacy from sheffield didn’t make a friend of me i can tell you.

After trying to convince her that i am who i said i am (i failed my security questions) DOH!  she proceeded to keep me on the line while she tried to sort something out. this was obviously racking up the costs but she didn’t care. i told her where i was and she asked me if i could get to my local branch of Santander.!!!

Anyway, after she really started to wind me up by asking if i could fax her something or other i hung up, got online and sorted out myself! people are not thick on purpose, it takes years of practice, and I’m sure Stacy is a master.

My daily walk to the marina and ice cream by the anchor (ill get that pic up sometime) i noticed rather a lot of sun seekers were dressed in black leather. As there isn’t a ‘Pink pussy cat a go go’ club anywhere i thought it strange until i saw the Bike police sitting alone, then i noticed all th bikes at the end of the marina which i had walked past! (i really was the eyes and ears of the regiment a long time ago)

The sound of the bikes as they started up and rode past was unbelievably fantastic, like the Black Widows on crack interspersed with police bikes and cars, they seemed absolutely at ease with each other. If that was Britain, they would have been Kettled then shot!

An old mans half hour (well about 2 really) and i was ready for the evening. Dinner at the hotel was a lot better than normal because it was something they didn’t have to think about. it was lamb done the Cypriot way, not British stuff done the Shite way.

Then into town. with the lights the sounds and smells of food cooking (cakes and fried stuff) foreigners looking more foreign than ever because they actually make an effort! Well a Mojito and a Jack and Coke later, I’m back in my local cafe/Bar writing this and trying to ignore the car wreck of a Eurovision song contest. for some ungodly reason, EVERYONE seems to be engrossed in this drivel, or is that me just being a grumpy Brit? (What was the score anyway)

For Skye! P1030351P1030350P1030353P1030358   

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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