Muggies and Drains

Seriously now, have we become this?
To look in the jaws of this massive abyss
We’re finding our feet as we play in the sand
But no castles are built and no city’s are planned.

As gods of our worlds we can do as we please
To be honest, as humans, we do that with ease
No care for this planet it’s seas or the sky
As throughout evolution, we stopped asking why.

some other cunts problem! I pick up me shit.
I don’t even wear caps, and this one don’t fit.
When I was a kid all our shits wrapped in paper
And we all had coal fires that turned shit into vapour.

So, what am I saying? Look out for our kids
Or our pretty blue marble will slide down the skids
Let’s pity poor Greta, she’s out of her head
But face it, we’ve fucked it, and soon we’ll be dead.