To have and to fold

At any old age,
you can read from the page,
of a book that has charted your life.
Its a fruitful affaire,
of the things that you fear.
From engagement to having a wife.

Now you’ve got half a chance
to get lost in romance,
and your bank account loses its lustre.
So, how long should it last?
now you’ve spent all your cash.
and you’ve not had the chance yet to touch her.

With a gold wedding band
as she gives you her hand
and expects all your problems to whither.
you can’t wait for the night
when there’s no need to fight
and you spend both your lifetimes together.

Its a dream, yes I know
but please give it a go.
If you realise you’re better off single,
you can just say goodbye
meanwhile she’ll have a cry,
but at least she can live life and mingle.