This is a page?? oh ok, this is me!

IMG 0029I think i write something in here along the lines of a short description of who i am, what i d and why I’m doing it! I may have this all wrong, but if i don’t press enter at the end, then ill never know. (whats the worst that can happen?)

IMG 0028I started this blog so my Daughter Skye could keep up with her dad as i travel around,( her mother and I divorced because she didn’t want to have a husband anymore,( She wanted all the trappings of being married, but the husband part meant she couldn’t really do what she wanted anymore)) So as i said, i started this off for her, BUT unfortunately, her mother has decided that I’m not a worthy character to follow as i refused to give her information that would ultimately lead to her knowing my address, and that could NEVER end well) 

P1030173So I have been made redundant from the Army after 15 years service as a Mechanical Engineer in the REME (those of you who know what that stands for well done, those that don’t, don’t give it a second thought, its not really worth the energy) and i have decided to bugger off and see the world on MY terms, not old Liz’s (believe me, there is a lot less violence doing it this way) 

IMG 0037I have made my home in Paphos, where i have an appointment with the immigration chaps to let me stay here for a while. and i have made a few friends already through work and socialisation. This really should be all as the blogs i have written really stand out for themselves as the way business is conducted here on the beautiful island of Cyprus!!


P1030416Lets seeP1030642

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