Ode to you

I’ll try to pen a tactful ode, So, please do bare with me. I’ve slipped into a soulful mode, I hope you’ll all agree. Sometimes I whine without a view Of worldly discontent! But, then I’m sure that all of you Agree with what is meant! My ‘toxic’ masculinity Is not up for debate, And … More Ode to you

The County Hotel

A night, just one night, Before my big flight. Should I hammer the wine? I think I just might. The atmospheres cheery, But here is my theory! It starts with one glass Then I’m drinking all night. The room which I eat in Is plush and upmarket. The walls filled with prints And a black … More The County Hotel

A death

To look so calm, a face devoid of emotion. Lips that never smile, eyes that never cry. They can never smell the beauty of a lilac or a rose. Never the sound of an evening lark to chirp and tweet from the branches of the cedar. Gone. Forgotten? Never forgotten, so long as I have … More A death

The dead next door

What is it you see, when you look at the dead? Your future? Their past? Or darkness? Instead Of a blinding white light that blows shadows away As they steal through the night, what they cover by day. Oh brother sleep well, through the horn gate you pass, With the Furies beset, for the sinners … More The dead next door

Two for one

Breakfast at ‘Blake’s’ Old antique tables hide old and worn chairs With overflow seating down overgrown stairs. With overblown prices for overhyped wears, A place to be seen in with no scathing stares. The Pope’s pious poison! It’s Friday, it’s fish day, It’s time to fill that chip tray That time of week When our … More Two for one

Little shanks

1. Ghosts Eyes down, pick up the pace, over the hill? You’re still in the race. There’s life left to live, it’s not just the young. You’re ready to leave? Your song isn’t sung. 2. Dreams The light of day won’t rest your mind, you’re out of sorts, you’ll never find a cure for dreams. … More Little shanks


Options for this, options for that, I’ve not got a clue where my future is at. Do I take the road travelled by lesser a man? Or just thrust down the lane like the hero I am? The booklet is filled with all wondrous things, From the looseness of women, to the sexiest kings. But … More Options

I feel poorly

I’m a man with a plan, let me try, if I can, to regale you with stories of mirth. But you’ll see part of me that that will fill up with glee as I take you from concept to birth. To be real? That’s the deal as I try to reveal my most darkest of … More I feel poorly

Free speech?

Fashion sense? A hit or miss? Let’s cut our jeans, let’s take the piss. The tightest trouser we can wear So all can see our pubic hair Let’s plaster make up thick as paint Your skin can’t breathe but you’ll not faint We’ll make our faces pale as fuck And do that pout, you know..The … More Free speech?