Morning in Durham

Empty streets, I walk around to find somewhere for food. The cafes, clubs and restaurants are all closed! That’s no good. If I want a roll, or slice, there’s plenty scope for that. But no! I want a full English. I crave the bacon fat. So, up and down I wander calm, all free from … More Morning in Durham

Back at the Drift

It’s been ages, and I means AGES since I was last here in the Drift Cafe at creswell. My how it’s changed! Filled with grey hair everywhere, old men in Lycra, old wimmin in hairnets and brace hardy souls outside in the cold (it’s been warmer I can tell you) in, out, in the throng … More Back at the Drift


As the second hand tics its way round the face, The sounds of our timepieces beat our lament. One minute of life disappears. Not a trace Of a past that was filled with hope and intent. Intent to live long with illustrious grace, Not sullied with anger or sweetened torment. So don’t look on the … More PRIDE?