As the second hand tics its way round the face, The sounds of our timepieces beat our lament. One minute of life disappears. Not a trace Of a past that was filled with hope and intent. Intent to live long with illustrious grace, Not sullied with anger or sweetened torment. So don’t look on the … More PRIDE?

A strange day

A strange day indeed. An hour of lectures this morning (an hour of listening and doodling tbh) I tried, oh I tried to follow the thread of the words. Not a chance. Anyhoo, I do know it was about zombies and the West Indies (I would have loved to record it but in my haste … More A strange day


Oh yeah, you’re still here aren’t you? Really, honestly I haven’t forgotten about you, I just had sooooo much on what with writing for the classes and doing studenty type stuff I had to put some things in the back burner! So, more reading than I’ve ever done in a long time have kept me … More Oops!