Offended yet?

In my defence, to take offence suspends intense revulsion. With common sense I should dispense a stand against expulsion! Though critics cry, you can’t deny the lie is all they’re after, So, say, ‘Goodbye’, (Creative Guy) and hang amongst your rafters. Offend I can, through boy to man, yes I’m no fan of snowflakes! I’ve … More Offended yet?

Sukka punch

A ghost from the past haunts your thoughts as you wake from a fitful nights sleep fraught with dread. As the face disappears in the mist of your mind, it’s a face that’s returned from the dead. The guilt of the loss, mixed with pain from the thought that to save them you just had … More Sukka punch


Though try to find a path for me to walk Impinged by poverty and baseless talk Of useless skills once taught by teachers past For education of this scale was last Curriculums had splintered from the norm As schools outshone each other to perform The best for pupils in their comfort zone Whose skills were … More ejookashun


Special snowflake shopping centre The extra chromosome let’s you enter A place where normal people see A place of utter misery! Now don’t you dare cast your aspersions And don’t lock eyes, of this I’m certain Those Souls have died and wandered here Your first contact will end in tears Generic engineering breeds, A government … More SSSC


Old cunts and fat cunts and thick cunts and daft cunts. Cunts who don’t know that they live in a world that is so full of Cunts that it makes your toes curl. Young cunts and gay cunts and feminist hate cunts. Cunts that cry rape at the drop of a hat, even thought these … More Cunt!


No one wants to see or hear me, Walk away, you look so carefree. Step around, or pass me by A say ‘Hello’, you don’t reply. My corner spot sits on the main street. A sleeping bag, my only conceit. Never one to shy away, I’ll stand my guard by night, by day. I know … More Shelter

A rebuttal…

(Disclaimer: THIS IS A CREATIVE RESPONSE TO ANOTHER BLOGGER ONLY) Ours once was a love that was carefree, but now it lies strewn with the debris, of the feelings we had, some were good, most were bad. I’m just happy I found strength to break free. Now the hate that you’re feeling towards me, is … More A rebuttal…