Hollow Ian

With eyes on stalks which dangle down to scare the children. Screaming drowns the cries of anguish leading down a corridor of madness. With fetid breath the lingered stench fills up the nostrils. Horrors wretch the terror demons t’ward the trench of minds filled up with sadness. The dying eyes of children see the ghosts … More Hollow Ian

The scream!

A new beginning, with journeys through the mist, T’wards pastures new and goals yet to attain, He scoured his book and jotted down his list The only thing to do whilst on the train. Those little things in life, they will be missed, So mem’ry rips apart his tortured brain A touch of mental health … More The scream!

Open door

How come it’s a chore to leave open a door as you enter the coffee shop here? So let’s not be a troll, just put wood in the hole, coz it’s fucking cold this time of year. I don’t care if you’re old, coz we all feel the cold, you’re not sitting at home in … More Open door