Free speech?

Fashion sense? A hit or miss? Let’s cut our jeans, let’s take the piss. The tightest trouser we can wear So all can see our pubic hair Let’s plaster make up thick as paint Your skin can’t breathe but you’ll not faint We’ll make our faces pale as fuck And do that pout, you know..The … More Free speech?

Box the day

It’s Boxing Day and do you know? It’s isn’t freezing, there is no snow Just rain and cloud. A miserable day! A total bust is all Ill say! When I was young we had 12 inches We’re filled with Santa’s, not shit grinches The lamplights toned the snow all yellow And Santa’s fat! A jolly … More Box the day

Hard core Amazonian

To deal with e-commerce, you court death indeed. unparalleled bullshit, unscrupulous greed. The faceless uncaring, the eyes in the skies, with their in build deception, and gratuitous lies. To keep or send back all the shit you’ve been conned into buying, your temper has gone way beyond what you thought was a rational or irksome … More Hard core Amazonian