Out and about

Sitting on a bench in a caff, Listening to the old people laugh. Watching the girls go by, Then pretending I’ve got shit in me eye. Im sitting on a bench in a caff, Watching the old ones and the staff, I’m sitting on a bench in the caff, Wasting time! I left my house … More Out and about

Tears of a clown.

Sitrep, I’ve got the wrong glasses on and I’m blind as a bat, so ignore any spelling mistakes (well, other than the usual illiterate drivel I misspell) I find myself in a bewilderment today, after lots of painting on my stair wall, I decided last night (due to not being label to get to sleep) … More Tears of a clown.

Eight days a week

Tuesday/ Wednesday, whatever the fuck today is, it comes with great responsibility (haven't I heard that somewhere lease before?) As I sit here looking through a dirty old window, I'm reminded of the long lost era of my youth. A youth that was mostly misspent fucking around with useless shite! To be honest, that's how … More Eight days a week