Up town top rankin

It’s done! She’s alive! She has ‘live’ running through her veins (well, strings) but the birth has finally happened. My gorgeous Telecaster that has taken nearly the length of time for the tree to grow from which it started off, but she’s worth it. I was at a loss of what to do today as … More Up town top rankin

End of an era!

So it has come to a close (almost), the ‘six week’ guitar building course (that’s started in July 2016) has had its penultimate lesson. I thought it would be only me who had his guitar in bits, but apparently not. Everyone needed to make fine adjustments to their nut, their wiring, even their frets. It’s … More End of an era!

As time goes by!

Well, as days go, this has definitely been one! Shaking things up a bit and trying new things! (No, not fisting) just a different routine (although the outcome was always going to be inevitable). Once again I have tried my damndest to get rid of these gift vouchers from the RAC! I swore I would … More As time goes by!

Fuck a duck

What an awful strange day today! For a Monday I haven’t had this much disappointment and happiness in an hour since I lost my virginity and realised I was a crap shag! (Thank God for the power of time and experience, and the fact she was a bit of a bike anyway, so it wasn’t … More Fuck a duck

Let the sunshine

Where did that go? Anyone seen the weekend anywhere? I seem to have misplaced it somehow and I’ll be buggered if I know how! I cannot for the life of me remember Saturday and I know I didn’t get out of bed until three o’clock yesterday! The reason? I worked on my English project until … More Let the sunshine


WHY HAVE I EVEN BOTHERED TODAY? No really why? My fingers have turned into small penises (peni) whatever the collective word for a bunch of Cocks is. I started the day off in a festive mood, washing, cleaning, doing all the stuff you do when the world is right and you have the time. THEN, … More WTF?

2B or Not 2B…

…Alone? That is the question. Drawling back on the fun bus today, I was hit with an epiphany; Was I to be all alone for the rest of my natural (and somewhat UNatural) life? This fleeting vision scythed across my cortex when I glanced down from the top deck and watched a wizened old woman … More 2B or Not 2B…