Sunday! 13:11 (that’s the time not the date you fool) and I find myself in the ‘Vale Cafe’ on the Main Street of Rothbury again. The weather may not be the best, the roads may not be the best and the food certainly ISNT the best, but the welcome is first class and the locals … More Motorbikin!

Uni uni unicycle

What a day! No honestly! What was THAT day all about? Up at stupid o’clock on a SATURDAY! A FUCKING SATURDAY FOR FUCK SAKE! All to do with an open day at Northumbria University! (To be honest I should have looked for the place earlier as I walked along dangerous roads and could have died! … More Uni uni unicycle

Take me for a ride

A well early start yesterday (and I’m not even at college) the trials and tribulations of getting pumped by spurious speed cameras on bogus roads. Of course I only say this because my luck eventually ran out, but c’mon! 37 mph on a perceived duel carriageway! What I’ve learned today is NOT all carriageways are … More Take me for a ride

Why write?

I haven’t written in a while, why haven’t I written in a while? I’ll tell you why I haven’t written in a while, it’s because I have had nothing to write about! I’ve found if I leave it for a little while, more things of interest happen (unless something interesting happens in that little while … More Why write?

Starfish and Coffee

Back in a place that was once full of grace and the choristers sang so serene!But now it’s a gaff with some shops and a caff that religiously seems so obscene.  Up high in the rafters, with sounds of kids laughter, enjoying a nice cup of tea. The owner has given me southern fried chicken, … More Starfish and Coffee

Post coitus smoke 

So that was Christmas, And what have we learned? You play with the matches, You’re gonna get burned. A weary messy Christmas! With heads filled with lead, Your stuck in the toilet Just waiting for bed! And then there was new year, The weather was fine, The alcohol flowing J.D and red wine! And so … More Post coitus smoke 


The last day of a year that hasn’t quite been, the best, If you’re part of the celebrity scene. It started with pop stars all passing away, and ended months later, in about the same way. The rich and the famous can’t hide from the reap. The same as the rest of us, no one … More HNY