Who killed bambi?

If anything, I’ve noticed the distinct lack of ‘fuck it I’m off’ from the general civilian population! Having to explain POETS day to some (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday) brings into question an air of unwillingness to buck that trend! Yet many civilians contend that that is exactly what they think they do! ‘Buck the … More Who killed bambi?

Christmas my arse!

As nights get longer, days get colder and the prospect of some fat red dressed, white bearded bastard appearing on my telly, I suppose it’s getting close to falling out with the family time! Don’t you just love this time of year? Everyone comes together for the festive shite then fall out over the roast … More Christmas my arse!


Share a thought Once again we stand somber for the fallen, we lay the blood red poppies at the feet of our lost and beloved comrades in arms, who throughout their fight, they gave their all. Some never to return, some returning but still there. Looking forward to the days when no more blood shall … More 111111