When the sky touches the sand, boundaries disappear! 

Taking a wander through ‘The Dustbins  of Our Mind’ (all credit to Beny Hill for that line) we find things that once were lost to the bin bag of bad timing! Only now, with this environmentally savvie life, do we accept that when we were younger, we threw things away for no reasons at all. … More When the sky touches the sand, boundaries disappear! 

“For soothe, what light through yonder window breaks!”

“What do you wanna make those eyes at me for?” That’s what I asked many many people this week when they saw what I was doing in my down time! (No, I wasn’t pleasuring donkeys) I was up to my shins in algebra! ALGEBRA FFS. I hated that shit at school. Why use letters in … More “For soothe, what light through yonder window breaks!”

Heard today

‘That’s not proper English’ a foreign student cried. ‘You can’t just add a comma, or has the teacher lied?’. I came in here to study, not sit and feel the pain, incessant little schoolgirls are talking shite again.  A break is welcome fodder, the addled brain maligns, so eat your food with haste as all … More Heard today

Being human

Lost families cast overboard at the thought of being let down? Communication cut from years of anger and hatred! All blown away in a second of realisation that this life is too short to hold a grudge (too long). But the winds of change blew through my life this weekend, a hurricane of humility and … More Being human

A new look?

Barclays Bank? Barclays wank, Barclays bankers need a shank, a real bad head I have to thank the arseholes left in charge!  Old aged crones! Old age bones, old aged wrinkles casting stones, within these walls of glass and groans, with racism at large! Arriva drivers? Arriva skivers, Arivva happy with your fivers, journeys filled … More A new look?

A found poem?

Only a fool breaks the unwritten rule when he talks to girl in a queue, but a bloke with a smoke when he’s blowing’s no joke but that something a mans gotta do.  While strolling along with your wifi phones on, you mouth words to a song in your head. But in time you will … More A found poem?