Water on glass

I had it, I had something to do today. As I stood in front of the tumble dryer and realised why so many comedy programs fixate on women and dryers (?) there was a thought about my delivery from Saturday! My ‘Sliders’ I had read the instructions, then thought it would be better to have … More Water on glass

A thought!

As I sat last night in Pheonix House (another trip to see if I can start making geetars) I found myself talking to a load of guys with similar problems. Now PTSD is an overarching acronym for many things psychological, but through conversation, all stemming from the same point (sort of). Control; that’s it, or … More A thought!

Look around see what you do, Everybody smiles at you. 

Well FML, (again) not content with working myself to a sweat yesterday (not very hard these days granted) but today I left my abide a tad early so I could find a small place called ‘Belsay Hall’ (small place????? Forty odd acres of gardens and land…..and a bloody big house/ castle). My reason? Why, to … More Look around see what you do, Everybody smiles at you.