Summer luvin?

Summer my sticky hoop! I’ve been rained on, sleeted on, SNOWED on even. All in the last 24 hours. And here’s me thinking it might be nice for the bank holiday to get out and enjoy the weather. I must admit I’ve only (just) cleaned Big Red after the soaking we got the other day, … More Summer luvin?

Oh no not my baby!

Sunday! Not raining so it’s a ride out for breakfast. A pot of Earl Grey and a bacon sarnie! Why not? Another trek into Tynemouth (I’m sure it is you know) it’s not too sunny, it’s not too cold (I sound like fucking goldilocks! What j have noticed thoughts the dirth of arsehole pushbikers on … More Oh no not my baby!

Free falling

Continuing my descriptive run in the sun (part two) the day heralded the hottest temperature so far this year! Not too hot as to melt in me leathers (although sweat and leather are considered a good mix in some circles!) washing done and hung out like rancid cats, I NEEDED to get in the road! … More Free falling

Spring has sprung

With the sun bleaching the skies and warming the grass, it seems that the seasons have finally turned a corner! Mind you it’s only taken a few weeks from the clocks moving in some daft direction to reassure us that the year is moving along! Taking the opportunity to get some of the weather for … More Spring has sprung

My favourite things

Kids with fat faces in shoes without laces, adults in track suits with tangerine faces, old folks with scooters ride fast as they can, these are the things that make Ashghanistan! Flat caps on youngsters dressed up in their Lycra, cruising the streets in their red Nissan micra, fawning at girls for the school bus … More My favourite things