Banana republic!

WOW! Talk about customer service 😊 no seriously this is a GOOD rant today! Well not so much of a rant, as a HUGE pay on the back for a young mechanic called Carl Bell. If you’re from the north east and ride bikes, you may (or should) have heard of Ian Bell. He’s the … More Banana republic!

Holiday blues

A long weekend is always fraught, with lots of drinks (or so we’re taught). The north east coast gets filled with sand all with wind blast gales spill pint in hand.  Employed or no the bars are full, the cafes bright the weather dull, the revels spill out into the street, the police patrols on … More Holiday blues

Roll over Beethoven!

Saturday! Morning! Cold! Spring? You’re having a laugh! What happened to the heatwave I was promised? What happened to the warm front coming in from somewhere or other! I’m freezing me Nads off having a cup of tea and bacon sandwich outside a small cafe in Tynemouth. (I could go inside but I’m looking at … More Roll over Beethoven!

Belsen was a gas!

To be honest, my week couldn’t have started any worse! But you know about that right? through my last rant! You don’t? Well go ahead and scroll back to it and find out. While you’re there, have a check through my other ramblings and leave a comment or two, I’ll wait here!    You all … More Belsen was a gas!