Midweek mishaps

Wednesday, the belly button of the week! The ‘Meh’ day, the crap day on TV and the long gone ‘half day closing’. I used to enjoy those days, mainly because I was still at school and didn’t have too many worries in my life. Everything closed on Sunday’s, haircuts and cigarettes were less than a … More Midweek mishaps

Ruby Tuesday

Trust, kindness, happiness, beauty. Four traits we would all love to have surely! But have you ever stopped and thought about what these words actually mean? What they represent? I have, and to be honest, taking incoming from insurgents in Basra or listening to mortars landing around you at night was a hell of a … More Ruby Tuesday

Blue Monday

Regrets, who doesn’t have them? I bet even the son of God had a couple! (Yes I know he’s fictional) but I would wager at some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all had them. Mine are many! Well when I say many, I mean Legion! I don’t the there is even a season gone past … More Blue Monday

Sunday girl?

Frost! Freezing frost at that! It’s bloody cold freezing frost and if course I neglected to heed me own advice and spread Vaseline on all me door seals so they won’t freeze shut! AND I just didn’t want to see sense and put said vandalise in me fuel filler cap lock to stop that freezing … More Sunday girl?

Ashes to ashes.

The old me is gone, the new me seems to be grappling with demons, trying to claw his way out of the quagmire of self loathing and regret! Every now and then, like an expensive prostitue or a half decent illicit drug, I can feel the tug of the darkness on my cape of stupidity … More Ashes to ashes.