One more try

It’s here, the last day of 2015! Could it come early enough? Could it hold on a few more weeks so things could be accomplished! Nope, it seems it’s just right (like the baby bears porridge) trouble is most of you will be having a drink tonight then setting off yo r fireworks, why not? … More One more try

Back from the dead

Sunday drinking, good idea in principle, hugely stupid idea in practice! I went out with the express intention of having a quiet night, but as soon as the bartender says a “double for a extra quid”, you know it’s going to go all wrong! The first hour seemed harmless enough, but as the Jack flowed … More Back from the dead

Sunday after the Boxing Day before the Monday that is dead.

You know how it is, a dead day after a hectic couple, eating too much, drinking too much, not doing the normal things you would,Erm,, normally do! Crap all on telly, not enough brain activity to do something in need of thought! But you can’t stay in bed, or in the house even. Gotta get … More Sunday after the Boxing Day before the Monday that is dead.

Boxing Day dip

First, let me say a huge thanks to Nikkie, Gareth, Gemma, Danie, Bailey and Loki. Christmas dinner was bloody lovely, alcohol was consumed and games were played. In fact, I almost lost my marbles playing games! Shouting and growling to my team mate Gemma when she was soooooo close to the answer (I can’t do … More Boxing Day dip

Help for Heros

That’s it, I’m home. Course done,  people met, contacts made and friendships forged! Possibly a turning point in my wandering and ramblings! And as I now know, there’s a bloody H4H centre in Catterick! No one told me and to be honest, I never asked! Oh well not to worry, I know now 🙂    … More Help for Heros