You’ll have to make a title yourself then tell me 😖

Bugger! Oh well, better to be honest and broke than a lying twat and a benefit fraudster! Today I submitted my new claim into the DWP regarding my daftitity for contracting PTSD through traumas in far away lands! I could have said Bugger all and screwed the government to the wall! But I was given the opportunity to be an honest soldier! (Oh the temptation was there, but I just couldn’t do it, especially if I’m trying to get the information together to help others in my position), so I can now hold my head up above the parapet and scream “Bollocks!”. Mind you, I’ll probably be out of a house in a bit, but at least I have right on my side (remember that Cameron when you wonder why there are a lot less ex soldiers than used to be employed by the government)

IMG_3425As it stands, today has been a day of three halves! The first one took me on a trek to Crambodia through the fog, (a bit eerie to be honest) some places like a horror movie (well it WAS Crambodia) and some roads disappearing into the distance (literally disappearing). Can you believe the are STILL arse holes who don’t know where or why they have fog lights (some old buggers int even know where their light switch IS) a couple of times I have widened my eyes as a silver rover with a similarly silver haired driver peeping over the dashboard approaches without lights!!! They’ll die! Or worse, kill someone else.
IMG_3391You may or may not recognise some of these photographs, but it seems I’m having a bit of a memory crisis at the moment! I’ve forgotten which ones I’ve posted! But I digress! The second half of my day revolved around sitting for two hours with my pension dude discussing stuff like ‘why I should contact DWP’ everything was going well until my mandolin (instrument, not garlic/ finger slicer) slid down the side of my chair and I literally jumped up screaming and virtually shit meself! I do try to be normal, honest! With all information written down, I informed him that if I talked to someone at DWP I would probably get a bit cross and throw the phone out the window! He took this on board and weang them himself! If it was his house, I think the phone would have been out the window, ‘ they are trained up just to the level of incompetace’, he told me, and so you know what? He’s friggin right. 
P1010666So, to all you working folk (soldiers too) whom I see on line having a go at the employed,  you can blow me! I am no longer a burden to your income tax! Just mine! Just the tax I payed whilst I worked for this arse of a country who feel it’s right to fuck it’s soldiers over them duck them a little more when they are civilians. I thank you all, and I wish you well! (Irony was never my forte) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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