24 hours later

Two little boys had two little……oh hang on! Breakfast, well, a cup of tea as getting up this morning wasn’t really an option. Seeing as I had no sleep last night due to the uncomfortable single bed and Tommy’s snoring I refused to rise when the seven o’clock alarm went off! Insert/ delete where appropriate. … More 24 hours later

Here in my pocket, I’ve got the story of the blues

Whats a good way to start this missive?  Shall I regale you with my story of embitterement towards the doddery old driver who couldn’t see past the windscreen of his car? Or would you like to reminisce with me my future plans for jotting down my inner most thoughts on paper (or screen). Let me … More Here in my pocket, I’ve got the story of the blues

Spiders from Mars

Let’s get the elephant out of the corner first! Well I Say elephant, they were fecking  HUGE beasties lurking around my kitchen last night (in all probability still there today) I could hear their hob nail boots clanking under me fridge AND cooker! They plot! We’ve all heard the media hype about big arachnids looking … More Spiders from Mars