The road to Hell

The first 100 miles whirled by with so much ease. The bike did everything that was asked from it. Speed when I wanted, cruising when I needed it, and comfort where it counted (unfortunately, not for very long as me arse went numb). The normal maelstrom around me head was vanquished by the Everest window … More The road to Hell

I dream to sleep

lets have a quick catch up on where I’m at right now shall we? The festival showed that I can’t drink wierd green concoctions that ARNT Absinth. The weekend showed me that , although I could have drank all day and night, I couldn’t really. The train rides all over the south west showed me … More I dream to sleep

Monday mix up

This tirade (for want of a better word) is about the melange of visions I have had to endure already today! From the young mother more interested in her phone than her child to the octogenarian holding the traffic up whilst he looks for a gar in his “Model ‘T’” (well it might well have … More Monday mix up