The Flashing Blade

Make good the powder, fear not the day. The darkest pitch will lead the way. The horses hooves sound thunder roar. The passing of the day runs fore. With steely glance and sword held tight, with flashing blade in grabs of white We see the general stand above, his soldiers with their hearts they love. … More The Flashing Blade

From the heart

Losing sight of what’s dear/ Close or important to you is the travesty of today’s lifestyle. We walk around mesmerised by consumer advertising the things that we “Need” things that our grandparents never even thought of to help them live longer more prosperous lives…….. But there is the rub! They never had these things, obviously … More From the heart

Ghost town

Seriously??? I walked around my home town yesterday at around four thirty in the afternoon. The entire population of Ashington Main Street could have wandered in directly from the set of “World War Z”. Be hooded yoofs, (those that wernt sported the unilaterally approved haircut of the culture in the north, WIDE moheacans!!!! (And some … More Ghost town