Banana Republic

Whoaaaaaaa!!! Just a God damn cotton picking second there little partner. Yesterday was definitely a day of two halves (or at least diametrically opposed events), on one hand, I awoke with a vision of Pluto, Daffy and Mickey, yes that’s right, I was having Disney spells again. Fell out my bed, got back in, fell … More Banana Republic

I’ve sank!

Well I did say I would add a bit more onto today’s missive, I think I ended with a rant concerning the lack of transport from “Terror Towers” i.e. Holly Bush. House. The train from Edinburgh to Ayr was like the X32, it stopped at EVERY stop. I’m sure the driver dropped off ALL his … More I’ve sank!

I am sailing

Now those of you that know me, know I get seasick, so the song title is all about Scotland! Not sailing. I only mention that because I’m in Edinburgh, and it’s HOT. That hot in fact that the Scottish people are beginning to char and blister. The journey was non eventful as train rides go, … More I am sailing