Tomb of the Kings

Well, Today was always going to be an extension of my cultural awareness period of Cyprus, as i wondered around trying to rack my addled brains thinking how i was going to go about the business off looking for the touristy type things, i turned a corner and low and behold, three open top tour … More Tomb of the Kings

Bloody Brits

Now i can’t remember a time when i went on a holiday abroad and acted like the local population used to expect of a Brit. Loud mouthed, drunken yobbos who’s only goal was to goad a fight with anyone anytime anywhere, but as i walked along the sea path hugging the coastal areas and holiday … More Bloody Brits

Review of plans

Today i have made the momentous decision to change my plans for the future, My main aim for this year was to move out to cyprus and make a new life there for me, but to be honest, whats the point of moving onto another island and staying there? so now the plan will be … More Review of plans